Q. How much does Convene cost?

A. $999/year.

Q. How many of my staff get access to the training?

A. All of them. The Convene membership covers all staff in your agency.

Q. How much training will my team get each year?

A. 12 live webinars (one each month) and two in-person presentations. We will email your staff when a new webinar is scheduled. We also post each upcoming webinar in the interactive forums.

Q. How long are the webinars & in-person training options?

A. The webinars are 1 hour. The in-person presentations are 1.5 hours. The quarterly ask the expert online coaching sessions are an hour. Each year, your team will have access to about 20 hours of training.

Q. Do you have a list of the live webinars and other training options?

A. Yes. Go here.

Q. Who are the instructors?

A. The webinars are taught by a wide variety of human services experts from across the United States and Josh Dye. In-person training is only offered by Josh Dye.

Q. Do these classes qualify for CEUs? 

A. Yes. Our training will help you meet continuing education requirements for social work, behavioral health, and other state boards.

Q. Where will the in-person training take place?

A. In your area (city, metro area, region) and/or at your agency.

Q. Will you record the webinars?

A. Yes. The live experience and interaction with the trainer is better, but we will record all webinars for those with scheduling conflicts.

Q. Can a client attend a webinar or in-person training we think they need?

A. Yes. Your clients are always welcome to watch a webinar or sign up for an in-person event.

Q. Will you explain how the online small group coaching works?

A. Each quarter we bring in an expert on a different topic (e.g. Overcoming Housing Barriers, Leadership, Mental Illness, etc.). This conversational format allows attendees to ask the expert questions and interact at a higher level. Small group coaching sessions are limited to 20 participants. These sessions are also recorded.

Q. Will you explain how the interactive forums work?

A. The purpose of the forums is to connect professionals so they can learn from and support one another as they face challenges unique to working in human services. Once your team joins, we will send each individual an email invitation. This will give them access to the online forums where they can start asking and answering questions, and get the support they need to perform at a high level! All training opportunities are posted in the forums (we will also email you notifications of upcoming training).

Q. Can we share job openings at our agency?

A. Yes! You may post these in the “Job Opportunities” forum. Each week we will compile the available jobs and email them to all members in the community. No charge.

Q. What are the topics you cover?

A. We will build your team’s skills and resilience in these topic areas:

  • Resilience & Self Care
  • Leadership & Supervision
  • Communication & Client Service
  • Productivity & Time Management
  • Technology
  • Ethics
  • Housing
  • Mental Illness
  • Personal Life