Webinar Description

Webinar Description
Self care is an ethical responsibility. Countless hours are invested in obtaining education to assist clients, yet little attention is given to educating those in human services on the effects of burnout, how to identify burnout, and the importance of self-care. In order to lead change and transform lives, human services pros must invest in caring for the most effective tool they will ever use – themselves.

In this fun and interactive training, participants will discover the unique relationship between burnout and its effect on service delivery.

Terricka Hardy, LCSW  will discuss the following types of burnout:

  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Denationalization (Leaving the industry/profession)
  • Reduced personal achievement
  • The three dimensions of burnout

You will also learn:

  • How to identify the negative effects of burnout and how they are related to ethical infractions.
  • The role of self care in upholding ethical standards.
  • How to recognize self care strategies.

Get ready to identify techniques that will help safeguard against burnout while fostering ethical excellence!

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About the Presenter: Terricka Hardy, LCSW

Terricka Hardy, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, therapist, national speaker, appointed member of the NASW National Ethics Committee, Memphis VA Social Work Professional Standards Board member, Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, and published author. With a vast array of experience, Terricka’s love for children has seen her channel her expertise to helping children with mental illness while promoting mental health recovery.

Terricka specializes in assisting adults who battle a wide range of mental health issues, alongside crisis management for high risk suicide patients, therapy for individuals who have attempted or contemplated suicide, clinical assessment of domestic violence offenders and psycho educational classes for divorcing parents to name a few. She also owned and operated her own private mental health practice that provided extensive mental health assessments, treatment plans, and therapy.

Terricka has trained numerous of professional and community groups about mental health recovery, burnout, and self care. Currently, she serves in the capacity of Chair of a Mental Health Recovery and Rehabilitation Training Committee; a committee whose purpose is to create and implement training to mental health professionals. She also sits on a national mental health training workgroup.

In step with the overarching mission of the Social Work profession, Terricka is devoted to the to enhancing the human well-being not only for clients but also for Social Workers and other allied professionals (counselors, psychologist, psychiatrists, nurses, etc.). Terricka firmly believes that in order to best service our clients and uphold ethical standards, we must invest in self care.

Terricka Hardy, LCSW
Therapist & National Speaker