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January 16th

Own Your Voice: Assertive Communication

February 20th

Breathe to Succeed

March 19th

Diversity & Inclusion: Microaggressions

April 16th

Waste Free Kitchen

May 21st

Compassionate Curiosity: Finding Confidence in Conflict

June 18th

How to Be Resilient

July 16th

Kids in Crisis: How to Help Kids in Times of Loss, Grief and Change

August 20th

Healthy Relationships: Improve Empathy, Communication & Boundaries

September 9th

3 Mottos for Combatting Perfectionism & Reducing Overwhelm

October 15th

How to Magically Connect with Anyone

November 19th

Living with Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness

December 17th

The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It

January 21
Contagious Culture, Contagious YOU. Your Presence IS Your Impact

February  18th
The Simple Path to Wealth

March 18th
A Safe Place to Talk about Race®: How to Address Race and Culture in the Workplace

April 15th
Stress Management: Reduce Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout

May 20th
Emotional Eating: Tips to Tame Your Food Mood

June 17th
De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

July 15th
Real Happiness at Work

August 19th
The Self Care Prescription

September 16th
Grief Day by Day: Simple Practices and Daily Guidance for Living with Loss

October 21st
Productivity: How to Work When No One is Watching

November 18th
How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices

December 16th
Hustle and Float: Reclaim Your Creativity and Thrive in a World Obsessed with Work

2 Virtual Trainings

You pick the topic and we present it for your team. These webinars are also recorded to watch at any time. Live polls, Q&A, informative & fun!

Resilience & Self Care

When it Hits the Fan: Navigating Mistakes & High Stress Moments

Transitions: How to Grow During Work & Life Changes

Mindful: Use Meditation, Visualization and Mindfulness Practices to Increase Focus, Productivity and Well-Being

Do the Opposite: How to Burn Bright…Not Out!

Next Level Self Care (2021)

Post Traumatic Growth: Bouncing Back from Setbacks and Traumatic Life Experiences (2021)

New Normal: How to Adapt When Things Change (2021)


Leadership Skills

Stepping Up: How to Lead From Any Position or Role

Death by Meeting? How to Meet Less & Get More Done

Effective Meeting Facilitation (2021)

Influence: The Psychology of Achieving Buy-In (2021)


Effective Communication

Simpatico: How to Make Connections & Build Rapport with a Variety of Personalities & People

Authentic Persuasion: Communication that Moves Others to Action

Motivational Interviewing (2021)


Productivity & Time Management

Flow: Create a Daily Practice to Control Your Time, Increase Productivity & Live Fully

Time Flies When You Waste it: Learn How to Take it Back

From A-Zuckerberg: Websites and Apps that Make Work and Life Easier

The Clutter Conundrum: How to Clear Away the Clutter to Restore You Energy & Passion


Personal & Professional Development

Emotional Intelligence: 6 Skills to Better Understand Yourself and Connect with Others

Growth: Rising to the Next Level Personally and Professionally

Personality: Leverage Your Strengths and Minimize Weaknesses to Improve Performance (2021)

Cognitive Bias: Uncover Blindspots in Your Thinking & Decision Making (2021)

Ethics at Work (2021)


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Unconscious Bias: Moving Beyond Shortcuts & Stereotypes Towards Awareness & Fairness

Origins: How to Work Effectively with People from Different Cultures


Supervisors & Managers

The Art of Leadership: A Mini Retreat for Supervisors

Plunging Productivity: Why Staff Underperforms, and How You Can Get them Engaged

Delegation & Feedback: What, When and How (2021)

Leadership Development: Identifying Staff Who Are Ready for the Next Level (2021)


Teamwork: Working Well Together

Culture of Trust: Improve Relationships, Morale and Performance in the Workplace

From Boomer to Z: How to Work Effectively Across Generations

Millennial and Z: How to Work Effectively with Younger Professionals

Conflict Resolution Frameworks (2021)

Dealing with Difficult People (2021)


Serving Clients

The Values of Superb Client Service

Trauma Informed Care

BPD: Strategies for Working With People Who have Borderline Personality Disorder (2021)


Our training qualifies for CEUs for social work, nursing, behavioral health & more!

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Effective Communication

Own Your Voice: Assertive Communication

De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

The Dig: Increase Trust, Confidence & Connection through Authentic Interactions

Healthy Relationships: Improve Empathy, Communication and Boundaries

Effective Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Body Language: Understand the Messages Behind Micro-Expressions, Gestures and Posture

Conflict Resolution: Turning “Oh No!” Moments into “Aha!” Success with Teams and Clients

Compassionate Curiosity: Finding Confidence in Conflict

How to Magically Connect with Anyone

Resilience and Self Care

Resilience: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Cracking the Stress Code: Achieve Work/Life Balance and Stop Stress From Taking Over

Drowning in Empathy: The Cost of Vicarious Trauma

Nature & Nurture: Boost Mental Health, Productivity & Self Care

Transform Your Boundaries: Good Boundaries: Free You

Do the Opposite: How to Burn Bright…Not Out!

3 Mottos for Combating Perfectionism and Reducing Overwhelm

Stress Management: Reduce Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

Diversity & Inclusion

A Safe Place to Talk About Race: How to Address Race and Culture at Work


Intersectionality: Intersections of Identities

Race Matters

Diversity: Discover Your Potential

Productivity & Time Management

Procrastinate on Purpose: How to Multiply Your Time and Get More Done

Remote: How to Work Effectively From Home During COVID-19 & Beyond

Death by Meeting? How to Meet Less and Get More Done

Flow: Create a Daily Practice to Control Your Time, Increase Productivity & Live Fully

Mental Health

Depression in the Workplace

Depression in the Family


Waste Free Kitchen

Power Foods for the Brain

A New Perspective on Wellness: Improve Your Fitness & Mindset

Nom Nom! Improve Your Fitness and Meal Planning

Breathe to Succeed: Improve Productivity, Creativity & Clarity through Mindfulness

The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix it

The Simple Path to Wealth

Emotional Eating: Tips to Tame Your Food Mood

Real Happiness at Work

Working with Others

Kids in Crisis: How to Help Kids in Times of Loss, Grief and Change

A Second Change: For You, For Me, and For the People We Serve

Grief in the Workplace

Cultivating Empathy

Millennial Madness: How to Work Effectively with the Millennial Generation

Ethical Intelligence: Untangle Your Toughest Problems at Work & Beyond

Contagious Culture, Contagious You. Your Presence is Your Impact


Transitioning from Homelessness to Housing with Jade Erickson

Personal Finance Tips with Financial Planner Chris Paulson

Make it a Good Day with Author Jennifer Universe

Experiential Education for High Risk Kids with Mark Rivard

Optional Add-Ons

Harassment & Discrimination E-Course

One e-course for managers. One for frontline staff. Learn the essentials of harassment and discrimination. This training is NOT cheesy or unrealistic like a lot of what is out there on this topic. It is helpful and practical.

Cost: $249/Course

Course Description

This course is more than just learning protected classes and what is against the law as it relates to harassment and discrimination, although you will learn those things.

Let’s raise the standard.

For us all to thrive in the workplace, our words and actions must be professional, respectful, appropriate and kind. Before you say what you are about to say, or do what you are about to do, ask yourself, “Is this professional, respectful, appropriate and kind?” If not, don’t say or do it.

This interactive online course takes 60 minutes. It features 47 minutes of video and includes interactive quizzes to keep participants engaged throughout the learning experience.

This is not just another cheesy harassment and discrimination course. You will hear true stories and thought provoking commentary that will cause you to reflect on your behavior in the workplace.

Learning Modules

  • Women & Sexual Harassment
  • Men & Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Race, Disability, Age, Gender and More
  • Discrimination
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)
  • The Laws Governing Harassment & Discrimination at Work
Additional Modules for Managers
  • Job Advertisements & Recruitment
  • Application & Hiring
  • Pre-Employment Inquiries
  • Background Checks
  • Ban the Box
  • Reasonable Accommodation: Religion
  • Prohibited Practices


Spend 5 minutes or less learning a new skill or piece of knowledge. We take big topics and break them down to their most essential parts. Stack ’em together and earn CEUs too! 50+ topics to explore!

Cost: $349/Year

The 9 Dimensions of Work Style
6 Signs of a High Trust Relationships and Work Cultures
11 Unique Traits of High Trust People
6 Ways We Pay for a Lack of Trust
5 Unique Traits of Low Trust People
How to Restore Lost Trust
How to Accelerate the Building of Trust
Unconscious Bias: What is it?
Unconscious Bias: In Groups and Out Groups
Unconscious Bias: How Our Biases Affect Us
Unconscious Bias: Exploring Your Background
Unconscious Bias: Your Cultural Environment
Unconscious Bias: Personal Experiences
Unconscious Bias: When Does it Activate?
Unconscious Bias: Take a Bias Test!
Rapport Building: How to Connect with Someone You Don’t Know Well
Quality Conversations: A 4 Step Formula
Difficult Conversations: 6 Steps to Ensure a Good Outcome
Core Skills of Successful Relationship Building
Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness
Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions
Emotional Intelligence: Motivation
Emotional Intelligence: Empathy
Emotional Intelligence: Adaptability
The 3 Ts of Better Email Management
How to make good decisions while feeling difficult emotions
Navigating challenging life events: Divorce
Navigating challenging life events: Financial struggles
Navigating challenging life events: Housing instability
Navigating challenging life events: Health problems
How to learn and grow from failures
Relationship Inventory: The Key to Quality Relationships
Effective stress management
How to say “no” and live to tell about it
The 5 Steps of Courage
Self Care = Energy
Self Care: Identify Unhealthy Triggers
Build Good Habits through Implementation intentions
Anti-Goals: Design the Perfect Day by Focusing on What You Hate
Information Overload: Strategies to Increase Focus and Well-Being
How to Stay Mentally Strong During a Crisis
Environment Design: The Key to Making Healthy Changes
How to Write Like an Amazonian
Remote Working Best Practices: Communication
Remote Working Best Practices: Technology
Remote Working Best Practices: Workspace
The Four Frames of Successful Leadership
The two Meetings You Should Stop Having Right Away
7 Principles of a Modern Meeting
Supervisors: How to Deliver Effective Feedback
Supervisors: The Power of Regular Feedback
How to Deal with Passive Aggressive People
Remote Working Best Practices: Dealing with Kids at home
8 Quotes that Might Change Your Life (and why)

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