How to See Which Clients You Assessed in HMIS Are On the Priority List

Step 1 - In HMIS, Click on Connect to Art

Step 2 - Click on Public Folder

Step 3 - Click on SSA Report Gallery

Step 4 - Click on Coordinated Entry

Step 5 - Click on Monitoring and Evaluation

Step 6 - Click on the gray icon to the right of MIN-00-CES-222-CE Assessor Agency Check

Step 7 - Click on Select CoC Code

Step 8 - Type Hennepin in the Box and Click on the Binoculars

Step 8 - Select Hennepin and Click on the Right Arrow

Step 9 - Click on None Selected and then Click on the Left Arrow

Step 10 - Click on Enter Effective Date

Step 11 - Click on the Calendar Icon. Then Today. Then Run Query

Step 12 - Click on Document. Then Save Report to My Computer As. Then Excel.

Step 13 - Find Your Name in the Spreadsheet