Conflict Resolution Frameworks

Kwame Christian says a conflict is A negotiation with attitude.

Conflict is a regular part of our lives. Whether it is a disagreement with a co-worker, client, family member or friend, we need tools that help us resolve important issues that are holding us back.

For many of us, conflict is uncomfortable. We would rather avoid it than confront it. We also struggle to understand how to resolve conflicts fairly.

Following a conflict resolution process, or framework, helps a lot. Instead of just winging it, we can follow research-driven and time tested best practices.

In this training you will learn the different conflict styles that people have, and we will review conflict resolution frameworks created by three experts:

  • Lisa Gates’s Resolution Roadmap
  • Kwame Christian’s Compassionate Curiosity
  • Jennifer Beer and Caroline Packard’s Mediator’s Handbook, which forms the foundation of the process professional mediators use at Conflict Resolution Centers around the country.

Let’s get ready to resolve conflicts together!