Felony Unfriendly: Overcome Criminal, Credit & Rental History Barriers in a Housing Search

Criminal, credit, and rental history barriers make it hard for renters to find housing. It is common for people with these barriers to lose $100 or more, just on application fees! They are also often homeless, or in substandard housing.

In the absence of “felony friendly” landlords, renters must take a new approach.

This training maps out a process to follow that saves renters (and their case managers) time and money. It also helps them find a place to live faster!

You will learn:

  • The four main types of subsidized housing.
  • What renters with barriers need to know before they start their housing search.
  • When to pay an application fee (and when NOT to pay an application fee).
  • What is most important to landlords.
  • Tips for negotiating with landlords.
  • Delivering your story – How to speak with landlords about background issues.

We can no longer afford to have renters, and the agencies that help them, lose so much money and time while searching for a place to live.

Get ready to learn tips you can use right away!