Unresolved conflict is workplace kryptonite. Get ready to develop the mindset and skills to defuse disagreements, overcome division, and turn conflict into an opportunity for growth.

Unresolved workplace conflict wastes time, increases stress, and negatively affects business outcomes. But conflict isn’t the problem, mismanagement is.

We unintentionally mismanage conflict when they fall into patterns of what speaker Marlene Chism calls “The Three As:” aggression, avoidance, and appeasing.

“These coping mechanisms are ways human beings avoid the emotions that come with conflict, but in the end it’s all avoidance,” says Chism.

In this webinar you will learn how to fearlessly deal with conflict head-on by expanding your conflict capacity.

You will learn (Learning Objectives):

  • The three elements of conflict capacity: Inner Game, Outer Game, Culture.
  • Inner Game – How to build self-awareness, values, discernment, and emotional integrity.
  • Outer Game –  Skills, tools, and communication techniques.
  • Culture – The visible and invisible structures around you that can encourage or discourage conflict.