From Ideas to Action: How to Achieve Buy-In on Trauma Informed Initiatives

You learned the principles of Trauma Informed Care. Now you have a passion for how they help you better serve the most vulnerable people in our communities. 

Then you joined the Trauma Informed Care committee at work to discuss with colleagues how to implement the principles in your agency.


Taking it to the next level, you joined a cohort. You learned and discussed best practices with professionals in other agencies who are also interested in this crucial work.


Prepared with research-based best practices, evidence and ideas, you present recommendations to agency leadership. 


Their response?


  • “We don’t have the money.”
  • “Now isn’t the best time.”
  • “It will be hard to get all staff on board with this much change.”

Sound familiar?


In this training, we will explore strategies to increase your influence and get more buy-in on trauma informed initiatives.


You will learn (Learning Objectives):


  • Low/No Cost ways to implement Trauma Informed Care

  • The power of perspective taking

  • Agenda based-communication: Guiding others to win-win outcomes

  • The psychology of persuasion

  • Negotiation tips and tactics

  • Successes and failures shared directly by your peers doing the work