Stepping Up: How to Lead from Any Position or Role

Leading and creating is no longer about hierarchy. It is about taking initiative, having the guts to do something different, and risking failure. It is about caring enough to put in extra thought, time, emotion, and energy to make something remarkable happen.

But leading when you don’t have the position or “title” of authority is tricky.

In this training we cover strategies you can use to make a difference no matter the position you hold.

You will learn:

  • The difference between leadership position and leadership influence.
  • How to increase influence by becoming the ‘go to’ expert in a specific area of your work.
  • How to leverage moments of failure to create meaningful progress.
  • How to observe changing preferences and behaviors in order to adapt the services you provide.
  • How to give yourself permission to make positive changes and take accountability over results.

Do you want your work to be more fulfilling and special? Then lead and create, regardless of your position. Learn how in this dynamic presentation!