Regret Reclaimed: How to Improve Decisions and Performance by Learning from Negative Moments

People often say I have no regrets, or live with no regrets. 

But let’s face it, regrets are inevitable. 

We have all done things that we wish we had handled differently.

According to author Daniel Pink, there are 4 categories of regrets:

  1. Foundation Regrets: “If only I’d done the work or put in the effort.”
  2. Boldness Regrets: “If only I’d taken that risk.”
  3. Moral Regrets: “If only I’d done the right thing.”
  4. Connection Regrets: “If only “I’d reached out.”

Handled properly, regrets help us learn.

In this training we will dig into the 4 categories of regrets and learn how we can use them to do the following:

  • Improve Decisions.
  • Boost Performance.
  • Deepen Meaning.