Self Care During COVID-19, Stressful Times and Beyond

Stress. Anxiety. Frustration. Fear. Uncertainty. Have you felt any of these emotions lately?
If so, you are not alone.
The COVID-19 pandemic and  stressful events in the world taking a toll on our emotional, physical, social, and financial health.

Self care is hard for many of us during ‘normal’ times. How are we supposed to manage all of this?

There are three common problems with a lot of self care advice:

1. It is too basic (yeah…I already know I’m supposed to exercise, eat right and go to bed early!).

2. It creates extra work during an already stressful time. (“Do this new thing, this new thing, AND this new thing and you’ll turn your life around!”).

3. It’s unrealistic (No, most of us can’t actually do it all, especially during times like this. Some balls will drop!).

Let’s explore a better way to do self care.

In this webinar you will learn (Learning objectives):
  • Triggers – How to identify what is bothering you, so you can resolve it.
  • Anti-Goals – How to identify what you don’t want to do, so you can do what you want.
  • Subtraction – What to eliminate to make your life better.
  • Dropping the ball – What commitments to drop and what to preserve when time gets tight.
You will also learn practical tips on how to manage difficult emotions, achieve mental strength, and maintain physical and financial health during difficult times.