Trauma Informed Care

Dr. Vicky Kelly said “Trauma Informed Care is a shift in the basic questions that we ask. A shift away from the question, What is wrong with you? to the question, What happened to you, and how does that impact how you function today? In this training, you will learn the three different types of trauma that people experience, and the common responses people exhibit when they have survived traumatic events.

You will also discover how to build trust with those who have experienced trauma, and how to empower clients to make positive healthy decisions.

You will also learn:

  • 6 key principles of a trauma informed approach
  • The universal precautions approach
  • The empowerment approach
  • How to have a trauma informed conversations and interactions
  • Person centered communication, and more!

Finally, bring your mobile phone to this training to participate in the live quizzes, polls, and interactive learning exercises that will help you get off to a positive start in functioning as a trauma informed professional and agency.